Keeping Your Family Strong--Even Through Divorce

  • Could Your Use Of Medical Marijuana Hurt Your Custody Case?

    23 September 2019

    The idea of marijuana as medicine has grown in popularity in recent years -- but that doesn't mean that all the old prejudices against its use are gone. Parents who are facing divorce and custody battles need to be aware of how the use of medical marijuana can affect them. Here are the most important things to keep in mind: Your marijuana use is still controversial to many family court judges.

  • NAS, Addiction & Child Custody: Common Myths You Should Know

    21 June 2019

    Problems with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) have risen tremendously along with the numbers of individuals who are addicted to substances. If you have taken drugs while you are pregnant, you are bound to have some concerns about your infant and what will happen as far as custody goes when your child is born. There are quite a few myths out there associated with these situations. Take a look at some of those myths that you should know.

  • Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Child Support Lawyer

    7 May 2019

    Going through a court battle over child custody and child support is difficult for everyone involved. Although state agencies often help you set up as well as enforce an order for child support, enlisting the help of a lawyer can sometimes prevent the delays that come with relying on a state agency for assistance. It's better for everyone involved when an agreement is reached for the support and visitation rights as soon as possible.

  • Tips To Help Improve Your Odds Of Winning A Custody Battle

    12 March 2019

    If you have decided that you would like to move forward with a child custody case, you will want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible. This way, when you hire a lawyer for their custody law services, you are giving yourself the best chance at ending up with a successful order from the judge. Here are some of the things that you will want to do in order to hopefully prove that you are able to take custody of your children:

  • Grappling With A Divorce When Your Partner Is A Drug Addict

    1 January 2019

    The prospect of divorce can be difficult to deal with. Addiction can make the prospect of divorce much more challenging to overcome. You may not realize that you are marrying an addict and the addiction might take hold after you have become married. In some cases, you may be able to work things out, but in other cases, divorce might be the only option. The Effects of Addiction on a Marriage

  • Who Pays For College? Divorce And Parenting Obligations

    28 November 2018

    When parents divorce, it's easy to delay thinking about the future. Events like retirement, emergency savings plans, and paying for your child's college education tend to be put on the back burner. Unfortunately, taking this attitude is a mistake. You should take the future into consideration when you negotiate your divorce settlement because it's far easier to address issues like your child's college education in the divorce than it is to bring up later on.

  • When You Might Need A Family Attorney

    28 September 2018

    In this day and age it can seem like there's an attorney for just about anything. You get a DUI and there's a criminal attorney. You got hurt in a car accident? There's a personal injury attorney. When you are dealing with family issues, then there's always a family attorney for you to hire. But what are specific scenarios for you to hire a family attorney? This article will take a closer look to see. Read on to learn more.  Custody Issues

  • Steps To Recovering Missing Child Support Payments

    22 August 2018

    A divorce is already a stressful lifestyle change. What can make it worse is when you expect a child support payment, only for the other parent to not provide it in a timely fashion. This can have unfortunate consequences for everyone involved. Here are some steps you will have to take to ensure the child's parent receives the payments if he or she stops paying Keep Solid Records of Payments

  • Factors Determining Severity Of Arson Charges

    18 June 2018

    An arson charge can be an extremely serious crime or a relatively minor crime depending on the circumstances. Here are some of the factors that determine the severity of arson charges: Injuries or Fatalities The occurrence of an injury or a fatality will aggravate your arson charges even if that wasn't your intention in the first place. For example, if you burn down a shop and its attendant gets injured while trying to save some stock, your arson charges will be serious even if you didn't know the attendant was in the shop at the time.

  • Why You Need A Divorce Lawyer Despite The Existence Of A Prenup

    10 April 2018

    A prenuptial agreement (prenup) comes in handy if you are divorcing. For example, you will find that the prenup has handled some of the issues for you, such as the distinction between marital and separate assets, as well as their division. Despite a prenup, however, you still need a lawyer's help to help you with the divorce because: Prenups Don't Handle Everything You still need a law firm's help because there are things that your prenup hasn't handled.