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Filing An Uncontested Divorce? 4 Tips To Help You File It Successfully

by Kristen Wright

If you plan to divorce, you should prioritize the easiest and simplest divorce option. In this case, uncontested divorce could be your most appropriate option. Here, you agree to all terms and sign the relevant documents before proceeding to court to legalize the process. But even if it's a friendlier option, you shouldn't handle it lightly. Instead, you should consider all its pertinent aspects to avoid problems later. So if you are filing an uncontested divorce, here are four tips to help you do it successfully.

Prioritize Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements are vital when filing any form of divorce, including an uncontested divorce. There are statutory eligibility requirements you should meet or even exceed to file uncontested divorce successfully. First, you must prove that you and your spouse have lived together for some time. You should also give rational reasons for your decision. Finally, you and your spouse should agree on all issues concerning your divorce. Where possible, it's advisable to file your divorce on a no-fault basis.

Agree on the Practical Aspects of the Process

You may have some formal agreements with your spouse when divorcing, but it shouldn't end there. You also need to scrutinize the uncontested divorce process and discuss its practical aspects. For instance, you should sit down and critically assess how your relationship will likely change after divorce. Will your friendship end here? Will you have common objectives regarding your children's welfare? These are crucial aspects of any uncontested divorce and shouldn't be ignored. They help you get ready for the problems you may likely face in the future.

Don't Bad-Mouth Each Other

Some spouses can't help bad-mouthing the other partner when divorcing, perhaps because they just can't handle the pressure associated with it. Others do it because they can't imagine the relationship they worked hard to establish is about to end. However, bad-mouthing each other, especially in front of your kids, could ruin or complicate the process. You should watch your words or what you tell your partner, no matter how bad you feel about them. Everyone wants their uncontested divorce to be smooth and peaceful, but what you tell your spouse might make it sour.

Work with an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Indeed, filing an uncontested divorce might not be that rigorous. However, this doesn't mean you can handle the process yourself. You may agree on almost everything with your partner, but the process still has legal intricacies that only an uncontested divorce lawyer can handle. For this reason, it's good to seek legal help from a competent and reputable lawyer to avoid unforeseen problems.

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