Keeping Your Family Strong--Even Through Divorce

3 Issues That Could Complicate Your Divorce

by Kristen Wright

Your marital separation can be relatively simple if you and your partner solve the contentious issues amicably. However, if one of you seems bitter at the other, the divorce can be complicated. When this is the case, you might require legal support. Since a lawyer is proficient in divorce issues, they'll advise you richly on what to do when you encounter a highly contested separation. This article looks at situations your lawyer will help you maneuver. 

Division on Who Will Keep What

Often, divorcing couples differ in property division. Naturally, you and your spouse will have emotional ties to your marital properties, such as your family house. For this reason, it might be quite complicated to decide who will continue living in it and who needs to move out. 

If contention arises in property division, your lawyer might suggest the involvement of professional valuers. These experts will determine the value of your house and all other joint investments. After that, your legal advisor can negotiate with your partner's legal team to decide the assets you will keep.

Disputes on Children's Issues

Your divorce can also get complicated if you and your partner cannot agree on children's issues. In most situations, both parents are unwilling to separate from their kids. Therefore, it becomes challenging to agree on the right arrangement for child custody. If you have an abusive partner, you'll have concerns about their fitness to stay with the kids.

But child custody issues don't have to be complicated when working with a lawyer. They will advise you on an appropriate plan that considers the best interests of the young ones, and can get you a court order barring your partner from bringing kids to their house if they bear a history of violence.

Dishonesty in Assets Sharing

The law requires that you and your partner disclose your financial situation when divorcing. It enables the court to subdivide assets amongst couples and determine how much money each partner will pay for child support. However, your spouse can opt to hide some assets. When this happens, you should seek legal help from your divorce lawyer. Through professional investigations, they will unearth your spouse's assets and money you're unaware of.

The three issues above might complicate your judicial process, which makes it necessary to seek professional legal representation. A family lawyer will advise you on what to not only do but also avoid in each situation. They will also negotiate on your behalf with your partner's attorney and represent you in court to ensure that you get a favorable outcome in your divorce.