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Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Child Support Lawyer

by Kristen Wright

Going through a court battle over child custody and child support is difficult for everyone involved. Although state agencies often help you set up as well as enforce an order for child support, enlisting the help of a lawyer can sometimes prevent the delays that come with relying on a state agency for assistance. It's better for everyone involved when an agreement is reached for the support and visitation rights as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a child support lawyer if you are involved in a custody, visitation, or child support case.

Help Understanding the Law

Being involved in a child support and/or visitation case means you will be faced with a lot of legal terminology as well as a variety of legal documents pertaining to proposed agreements. A child support lawyer will understand the court process, the terminology of the case, and the agreements being presented to you. If you aren't agreeable with the terms being presented, your lawyer can assist with negotiating for the terms that you are seeking.

Help With Legal Steps Relating to Paternity

If you are not receiving child support because the absent parent is claiming non-paternity, your lawyer can recommend and assist you with the appropriate legal steps required to resolve the issue. For instance, your lawyer may request a court hearing to address the question of paternity, at which time the court may issue an order for paternity testing.

Help You Get the Appropriate Amount of Child Support

Most states use standard formulas with various factors to determine a justified amount of child support. Children have the right to access to food, appropriate housing, and clothing. Child support lawyers can help to ensure that the appropriate amount of child support is awarded to help with providing these necessities for your children. In some situations, such as if you have a child with special needs, the cost of supporting the child may justify the need for a larger amount of child support. Your lawyer can help you through the legal process of determining, verifying, and requesting the need for a higher amount of child support.

Child support cases are often handled outside of court; however, if you are required to attend a court hearing, your lawyer will be present to represent you and to ensure your rights as a parent are protected. Child support attorneys can help with a variety of situations relating to child custody, child support, and spousal support issues, including assisting those who are required to pay support that is more than a fair amount.